WELLBEATS™ Gym Schenectady and Rotterdam, NY

Do You Love Group Fitness?

Do you live in Schenectady and Rotterdam, New York? Are you on a different type of schedule? WELLBEATS™ at Average Joe’s Fitness is just the thing you need!

How WELLBEATS™ Works for You

Offered in a room that’s open 24 hours a day, WELLBEATS™ is a digital system that provides a wide-variety of professionally instructed classes.

Simply put, you can build strength, stamina, and burn calories, with instruction at any hour of the day.

Get a Great Workout on Your Own Schedule

Average Joe’s Fitness is a solution for the early risers, night owls, and everything in between. Call us at 518-377-5637 to schedule a tour!

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Average Joe’s Fitness
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